Deposit Assistance

Purchase with confidence!

Are you looking for or found the perfect property and don’t or won’t have the 10% deposit required at the end of the cooling off period? Or are you attending auctions without the 10% deposit available?

Don’t despair! As long as you have a loan approval or other financial resources – such as equity or shares – to prove you can complete the purchase, then Salt Finance can arrange a deposit guarantee in less than 24 hours as a substitute for the cash deposit, so you can search for purchase your new property with confidence – even at auction!

A deposit guarantee – or bond as it is sometimes known – is an ideal substitute for the cash deposit required when purchasing a residential property and can be issued for all or part of the deposit amount required, up to 10% of the purchase price.

Rather than using cash or forfeiting the property, you simply use your deposit guarantee and pay the full purchase price to the vendor at settlement.

Guarantees to suit both short and long term settlements, allowing you to purchase existing homes, buy off-the-plan homes or build your own home on a vacant block can be arranged.

To find out how a deposit bond can work for you, get in touch with Salt Finance today and purchase your next property with confidence.