In their words – Jane & Paul

Jane & Paul

In their words – Jane & Paul

We came to you for the finance and you seemed to have done everything else for us as well”

“Dear Marco,

Paul and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You know how reluctant we were to buy before selling as well as spend any money on our old home. With very little savings and income, we were worried about the risk of not being able to sell.

 In the end, not only did you show advise us and get our comfort around obtaining a bridging loan, but you helped us to get a better price for our home. We still need to pinch ourselves that we sold for as much as we did and joke that we downgraded instead of upgraded. 

Paul and I were discussing your services just the other day amongst friends and wondering what it is you actually do because we came to you for the finance and not only did you take care of that, but you seemed to have done everything else for us as well.

We can’t imagine what the outcome might have been if we’d never contacted you and we’re so thankful we did. Paul and I will definitely do everything we can to send any of our friends and family to you.

Thanks again, Marco.”

*Jane & Paul. C

Of course, Jane and Paul’s situation will be different to your’s, so make sure you discuss your specific situation and needs with Salt Finance and get the right advice

*Surname withheld for privacy reasons.

Jane & Paul – A success story

Background :

Jane  and Paul owned their home with only a very modest mortgage of $50,000 and were considering buying and relocating prior to the sale of this property.

In the end, they believed that their property would present better for sale without their outdated furniture and personal belongings, so the decision was taken to purchase the new home first, move into it, make some minor ascetic improvements to the old home and furnish it with a modern look with rented furniture.

As an added bonus, with them not living there, keeping the house in tip-top order for prospective buyers was easy.

As vendors in what was supposed to be a flat market, it was estimated the current home to be worth approximately $475,000. The new home was $590,000.

Jane & Paul were also on limited incomes and so could not afford a loan of $600,000, so they elected to use a capitalising interest loan.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Jane & Paul ended up selling their home for a whopping $580,000 within weeks of completing the minor refurbishments, which by the way cost just $15,000.

The bridging loan was paid out and Jane and Paul continued to live debt free with the added bonus of some money to spare.

Of course, Jane and Paul’s situation will be different to your’s, so before you do anything, make sure you discuss your specific situation and needs with Salt Finance and get the right advice on upgrading your home.