Business & Commercial

Business & CommercialMoney makes the world go around!

Owning and operating a business is a challenge in this current environment. At Salt Finance, we understand that access to financial resources is the lifeblood to your business, especially in times of growth.

With a host of commercial funders and a wealth of experience at our disposal, Salt Finance is perfectly positioned to assist you with all your commercial and business needs to ensure your business not only survives, but thrives.



Salt Finance can assist both full doc and low doc and no doc clients needing finance for:

  • Commerical purchases
  • Development or construction.
  • Equipment
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Business start up or expansion.
  • Debtors or cash flow.
  • Inventory or trade.
  • SMSF investing.

Whatever your needs are, Salt Finance is your key partner, working with you to support you in all your business and commercial endeavours.  

So before you do anything, click here to start a conversation with Salt Finance today and get the right advice on your next business or commercial loan.