Nothing is as valuable as peace of mind

 Salt Finance, we understand the importance you place on protecting everything that’s precious to you such as your family, your home, your investments, your cars and your other personal belongings.

So not only are we delighted, but we consider it our core duty, to bring you a range of insurance options via our specialist providers, focused on providing innovative, affordable and easy to understand insurance solutions.

Whether it’s Home and Contents, Motor Vehicle, Landlord’s, Income Protection, Life, Funeral or Accident Insurance, Salt Finance can help
give you total peace of mind to know that you have prepared not just for life’s little inconveniences such as damage to your car, but also more importantly for those things which have the potential to affect your lives forever like losing a losing your capacity to work or being diagnosed with a life threatening illness, or even worse.

You can rely on Salt Finance for:

  • Simplicity – uncomplicated advice on all your protection options.
  • Tailoring – protection to suit your needs.
  • Affordability – tailored to your budget.
  • Access – to specialist advisors and providers.
  • Peace of mind – knowing you are covered for whatever life throws your way.

No matter whether you are starting out on your financial journey or have matured into retirement, Salt Finance knows the peace of mind which comes from protecting yourself, your loved ones, your income and your assets is your most valuable asset by far.

So click here to start a conversation with Salt Finance about your personal needs and request to protect your most valuable asset, your peace of mind.