Personal Loans

Get the money you need!

Personal LoansThere are many reasons to consider a personal loan.

Whatever your needs or dreams are, Salt Finance can help you achieve them.  We’ll turn those big price tags into smaller, easy to manage repayments – you’ll be surprised at how little it could cost you each week!

We’ll tailor a repayment schedule that suits your budget and lifestyle helping you to avoid expensive credit card debt, plus if you wish, you can also enjoy the certainty of fixed repayments that don’t change for the life of the loan.

When Salt Finance arranges your personal loan, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose:

  • The loan term between 1 & 7 years
  • Flexible repayments – weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Future proofing the repayments with a fixed rate.
  • Slashing the loan term and save interest with unlimited free extra repayments on a variable rate
  • Redrawing all additional repayments with a variable rate
  • Loan protection cover for when the unexpected happens with a potential 0.25% p.a interest rate discount.

Getting the money you need has never been simpler or safer. So click here to start a conversation with Salt Finance and set your dreams in motion!