How big can your smile be?


Relationships have always been about give and take. However, when a relationship is out of balance, the one doing all the giving and not receiving enough in return, will after a period of time, reach a point where they will not be able to support being taken for granted any longer and make a change.

For too long, this is exactly how hard working Australians with mortgages have felt about their relationships with their banks and especially their lenders.  Just this year alone(2012), the major banks have increased the spread between the Reserve Bank cash rate and the rates charged to customers by an average of 25 basis points. This, despite all of their announcements of record first half profits.

However, with the aid of new legislation abolishing exit fees on all new standard variable rate mortgages commencing last year on the 1st of July, 2011, working Australians everywhere are exercising their power of choice and voting with their feet.

Tired of being taken for granted, they are determined to get a better deal. Seeking and obtaining greener pastures, they are ending the one sided relationships and putting the smiles back on their faces!

Life is very expensive and every dollar you don’t give to your bank or lender is a huge help!  It represents compound interest charges saved over the life of the loan, equity earned and future financial stability and opportunity.

To find out how much you could potentially save, click here to get in touch with Salt Finance today and rediscover just how big your smile is.