Marie & Alex Brooks – A Success Story

Annie & Matt

Recently married Marie & Alex were looking to purchase their new home and needed a loan of $320,000. Their dream of home ownership hit a huge stumbling block because Matt had entered bankruptcy in 2007, was discharged in 2010. On the positive side, Matt had been with the same employer for the last two years.

There were no genuine savings because the deposit for the home came from a Worker’s Compensation payout after Alex was injured. Marie and Alex initially applied for the loan with the institution they banked with, which was declined due to the default and bankruptcy.

At the time, the lender also advised they wouldn’t be able to help them for at least another 4 years. Marie and Alex could see their dream slipping away. Then they were referred to Salt Finance.

Salt Finance was able to work swiftly and much to Marie and Alex’s relief and delight, the loan was conditionally approved within 2 days of the application being lodged. Six weeks later, Marie and Alex were celebrating their first major milestone as a married couple in their new home.

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